Salary Donation Pledge

Good evening citizens of Franklin County,

My name is Bruce Baker, and I am running to be your next sheriff. I come to you tonight to announce my pledge, if I am elected, to donate back to the community through charities, 50% of my annual salary. That’s about $40,000 right back into the community, every single year.

I have come to this decision after a lot of discussion with my family, and a lot of prayer with God. One of the things that inspired me to run for this office has been seeing the gross mismanagement and disrespect with which your tax dollars have been treated. As a long-time small business owner at Wake & Franklin Maintenance and Landscaping, LLC, I am intimately familiar with the struggle to earn a paycheck. I have worked no less than two jobs, including as a small businessman, every day since my early twenties. As a twenty-eight year veteran of Franklin County law enforcement, including twenty-two as a sheriff’s deputy, I have seen first-hand how our department has turned too top-heavy. Resources continue to collect in bloated salaries and office work, taking away from the men and women on the ground and in patrol cars, doing the jobs that keep this community safe. I intend to reorganize the chain of command to see more boots on the ground, and less butts in seats. I will use my experience in business to take a fine-toothed comb to our considerable budget, over $9.6million as of last year, and find any and every way to return value to you—the citizens of Franklin County. But all efforts must start at the top, and I intend to set the tone from day one, by slashing my salary by 50%, donating the other half to local charities and organizations directly benefiting the citizens of this county. Let me be clear—the selection process for these charities will be made in full view of the public, with full transparency, and consented to by you. There will be no partisanship. No kickbacks. No favoritism or funny business of any kind. We will pick our yearly recipients based on merit and merit alone. We will work hard to see this money spread out across as many good community organizations as possible over each year of my term. If you know a good charity or community organization that you think would be a good candidate, I want to hear about it. Please reach out to me through my website,, or message me directly through Facebook or Instagram.

I am running this race to make Franklin County a better place. To fight for our rights, our safety, and most of all—our community. As any good leader knows, sometimes that means putting your money where your mouth is. I am prepared to put mine.

I hope you will join me in this fight.

Thank you, and I appreciate all your support.

Bruce Baker